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The very first thing we do is get it back into shape.


It requires some work but we do it! Our state of the art machinery and nearly a century of combined experience means that your vehicle is treated properly and with care from step one. Unlike many other auto body shops, we labor over automotive repairs and make sure that they are done correctly so that when we are done with the collision repair, the vehicle always remains structurally perfect with a flawless finish.
First and foremost, the damaged area on your vehicle is assessed and a course of action is planned.  For extremely battered metal, we may put the vehicle on our frame machine and use its brute strength to pull it back into shape. More typically, in the case of a significant dent in metal, the material of the collision damaged area is meticulously stretched and pulled with various tools and machines both traditional and cutting edge.For instance, we have a very unique and difficult to get spot pulling machine that we utilize, as well as a multitude of hammers and chains of various size and gauge.  Automotive repairs are always meticulously executed so that even the most damaged areas will be gradually reshaped while retaining their inherent strength.
Too many auto body collision shops would cut corners during this phase of automotive repairs; they often take the easy way out.  Unskilled technicians and disreputable shops charge for services that are never done, get your car in the shop and perform unwanted repairs, it is documented that they perform inferior structural repairs time and time again, they regularly recondition parts that need to be replaced, and fill even large dents with body filler, disregarding that it should only be reserved for skim coats on  very shallow depressions, to name a few of the black marks against some horrible auto body shops.  In a best case scenario, taking shortcuts results in shoddy repairs that will fail in short order and have to be redone immediately.  The worst possible situation is inferior repairs will cause a failure of the components of your vehicle, putting you and your passengers' very lives at risk. It is for that reason that we never, under any circumstances, cut corners or perform shoddy repairs for anyone; we will not do it whether our customers unknowingly ask us to do them or insurance companies demand it to shave their costs.  At Marvel Auto Body, Inc. we always do every single job and repair 100% correctly and to your satisfaction, and we guarantee that.  As our many loyal patrons already realize, you can come here every time and confidently know that your vehicle is always being taken care of by us, being treated with the utmost care and as if it were our own.